Posted on March 29, 2018

Vertigo, Tinnitus & Deafness Clinic Shreeji Orthopaedic and ENT Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat has an advanced vertigo clinic with facilities to diagnose all causes of vertigo. We have a dedicated staff in the clinic which is headed by Dr. Tejal Shah, a senior ENT Surgeon. All kinds of deafness can be assessed and treated in the […]


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Helping you walk with care People with diabetes can develop many complications, including several foot problems. Even ordinary complaints can rapidly worsen and lead to serious complications. If this happens to the feet, it may result in deformity, disability or even amputation. It has been established that 15% of all diabetic patients will develop a […]

Pain Clinic

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Pain Free Lifestyle Pain is the most common symptom that brings a patient to the hospital. Pain also interferes with the quality of life, ability to work, and perform simple activities like walking, exercising and sleeping comfortably. Generally people neglect their health by continuing to ignore their body’s signals and bear the pain till it […]

Allergy Clinic

Posted on March 28, 2018

Shreeji Orthopaedic and ENT Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat has started an Allergy Clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of allergy problems. In this age of increasing pollution and rising use of chemicals and pesticides,the incidence of allergic problems has steadily increased. An allergy is a hypersensitivity to foreign substances which are normally harmless but which produce […]

Voice Clinic

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If your voice has changed or you have become hoarse, it is important that you see your family doctor if this change persists after a few days, particularly if you have not been shouting/overusing your voice or if you have had a cold. The medical term dysphonia means a change in the voice, including hoarseness, […]