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Posted on March 29, 2018

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Pain is the most common symptom that brings a patient to the hospital. Pain also interferes with the quality of life, ability to work, and perform simple activities like walking, exercising and sleeping comfortably. Generally people neglect their health by continuing to ignore their body’s signals and bear the pain till it becomes chronic and severe.

Pain management is a new branch of modern medicine that addresses all aspects of ‘pain’. This is an emerging specialty in India, but it has been around in Western countries for a few decades now. India has a burgeoning population of elderly patients and patients with chronic diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis and Backache. In addition, Cancer is on the rise in the population. Many patients continue to suffer pain in spite of medical or surgical treatment.

What happens if the pain is not treated?

Pain is a signal that tells the body that something is wrong. Chronic pain affects the personal and professional life of the patient making the patient irritable, sad or depressed. The patient may take expensive painkillers continuously without medical guidance and experience side effects like acidity and other reactions. In addition, the patient may not be able to exercise, have gradual weight gain and a rise in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Thus, pain is a ‘Disease’ that affects both the patient and the family.

What is the solution?

Chronic pain must be treated as early as possible with a combination of medicines, pain blocks, lifestyle modifications, counselling and education to prevent further worsening. It is important to know that pain can be reduced, and in many cases, completely cured

What is a pain clinic? How does palliative care services help?

A pain clinic is a highly specialised centre where patients suffering from any kind of pain are assessed and treated using various techniques. Many patients who have incurable illnesses may experience great discomfort and pain during the last stages. This affects the patient and the family. Palliative care is based on the philosophy that every patient deserves dignity, comfort and care, no matter what the stage of the illness is.

Is there a standard treatment for all the patients with pain?

Treatment is tailor made for every patient after a thorough medical check up. Chronic pain may be reduced with the latest specialised injections or interventions called Pain Blocks. Once the pain is reduced, it is followed by a treatment plan comprising of medicines, exercises, diet and long term lifestyle modifications that will bring permanent relief from the much suffered pain so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the best possible quality of life.