Body Piercing



At our Shreeji hospital, Gurukul Road cosmetic rings and other fashion jewellery piercing is available. We are having a special imported instrument ( Medical Gun ) with which, we can puncture any body part for wearing any fashion jewellery or cosmetic rings. We provide all facilities for body piercing, breast piercing, nipple piercing, ear piercing, eyebrow piercing, belly piercing, abdomen piercing. This cosmetic puncture is available for all age group male and female persons, children and for youngsters. Dr. Tejal Shah, M.S. ( ENT Surgeon ) has been doing Body Piercing for the last7 years and has developed her own method for piercing. All the jewelleries and instruments that are used in piercing are sterilized in “Autoclave” making the piercing very safe and hygienic. Also another specialty of Dr. Tejal Shah is that she does the piercing by administering Surface and Local Anaesthesia. This makes the entire piercing procedure a “pain free” experience. As, she is is a qualified surgeon and having fully equipped operation theatre, it is very safe to have your piercing done with her only.

Body piercing has become very popular, trendy and fashionable. Body piercing greatly varies with multiple hoops up, around, and inside the ear, or studs and rings sticking out of the tongue, eyebrow, nostril, belly-button and lips. It seems that almost every part of the body is open to piercing. Teen agers continue to gravitate toward body piercing. If you’re like many teens who have thought about piercing you probably see them as a personal and fashion statement, a form of body art, and a chance to establish your individuality.

Fashion Jewellery and body piercing is like tattoo and hot trend amongst the youngsters in india and in Ahmedabad.